Venue Hire Information


Bowls Orewa Inc requires all visitors and Members to be Double Vaccinated for Covid 19

For Special Occasions – Celebrations – Parties

Birthdays – Weddings – Corporate – Christmas – Meetings – Funerals

Venue Availability

The lounges are usually available most days depending on the time required. There can be exceptions as club activities may preclude this.

  • Mondays: Club event main lounge 1pm -4.30pm
  • Tuesday: Club event main lounge  10am-4pm & Petanque minor lounge 8am-12.30
  • Wednesday: Club event main lounge 1pm-4pm & Petanque minor lounge 8am-12.30
  • Thursday: Club event main lounge 8am-6pm
  • Friday: Club event main lounge 12.30-4pm  4.30-7.30
  • Saturday: Club event main lounge main lounge 12.30-4pm
  • Sunday: Club event main lounge 12.00-5pm & Petanque minor lounge 8am-3pm

Generally the minor lounge is available provided it is taken into account that club activities are proceeding in the main lounge. Some events may be able to integrate with club members in the main lounge. The venue coordinator will advise on this.

Availability for bowling events

The Ryman green has a carpet surface and is sheltered from the elements by a roof over. As the only one on the North Shore it is subject to high demand, club members generally have priority use. Pak N Save is a natural grass surface and is only available for Club events. The Forrest Green has a carpet surface, open air and the use is subject to the weather, however this green offers the best opportunity for availability

Ryman Green

  • Monday - Club event 12.30-4pm
  • Tuesday - Club event 9.30am-4pm
  •  Wednesday - Club event 12.30-4.30pm
  • Thursday - Club event  8am-6pm
  • Friday - Club event 9am-12pm
  • Saturday - Club event 12.30.-4.30pm
  • Sunday - Club event  12.00-5.30pm

The venue coordinator will advise on availability outside of these times.

You can chat to Peter Clark, Kevin Davey or John Robinson.  Come down and have a look around. If you already know what you want, click HERE to complete the venue hire form to get things started.